“Tekumah stepped in at a stressful time for our family. Our son was hanging out with the wrong friends and we weren’t sure how to handle it. We gave them a call and were put in touch with an experienced mentor. B”H it’s been a rough few years but our son is happy and settling down into a job. Tekumah was the shining light that kept us going.”

– The S. Family (Lakewood, NJ)

Our daughter was going through a rebellious stage. She dyed her hair and dropped out of school. We were beside ourselves how to handle the situation. Then Mrs. M. from Tekumah took her under her wing. She was able to effectively communicate with her and guide her in the right direction. She gave her the strength she needed to move ahead and rebuild.

– The H. Family (Brooklyn, NY)


“What started out as a little bit of fun ended up getting out of control. Before I knew it, I was in deeper than I could even imagine. My friend put me in touch with R’ Yechiel Elbaz and slowly he’s been helping me get back to where I used to be. I literally owe my life to R’ Yechiel Elbaz and the supportive Tekumah team.”

– D.R., Age 23

“My life was a wreck, I wasn’t keeping Shabbos any more and I was out of work. I had never felt more lonely. Then one day, Rabbi Z. from Tekumah passed me in the street. He asked if I had any money and I said no. He discreetly gave me some money, gave me his number and walked off. I developed a relationship with Rabbi Z. and the Tekumah staff. Their care and respect touched me deeply and changed my life forever. I started learning Torah again, keeping Shabbos, and reconnected with my family. It feels great to be back on track, thanks to the support from Tekumah.”

– S.W., Age 18


“Working on the Tekumah team has been an eye-opening experience. As a licensed social worker I volunteered my time for the Tekumah crisis line (coordinated by the Regesh Network). I couldn’t even imagine how many young boys and girls and their parents were struggling with situations and questions that needed experienced help. I’m doing my best to help as many teens as I can because I know how important Tekumah’s work is. I’m glad to be able to offer my services.”

– Chani S., MSW

To say we deal with complicated situations is an understatement. One teen that stands out in my mind was out of yeshivah, arrested for drugs, involved with a cult, and facing a court case for criminal charges. We stepped in, helped him deal with the issues and showed him how beautiful a Torah life is. Within a few months, he was looking to return to yeshiva, full time. He now learns three sedarim a day, and is a productive, healthy adult. We always say we don’t measure results, we only focus on progress – but I would say this is a success story.

– Rabbi E., Tekumah