Committed to the future of Klal Yisroel.
The Initiative

Accurately termed, “The Mashgiach’s Initiative” the crisis line began as a community service but quickly turned into a 24 hour operation. In the first 8 weeks of the crisis line, we received over 700 calls. The initiative was established after a series of Shabbos gatherings to make a public statement against Chilul Shabbos. These gatherings were under the direction of the community Gedolim, after unfortunate incidences of public Chilul Shabbos were brought to their attention.

Right then and there the Roshei Yeshiva of BMG (Bais Medrash Govoha) and other community leaders pledged to address the underlying issues of what was occurring in the community.

A help center was decided upon, amongst a strong commitment to guiding the Tekumah organization, which would serve as the umbrella community organization for teen mentoring services. Upon establishing the call center, a mere 4 months since the pledge, R’ Yehuda Jacobs announced to the community: “We are excited to inform the community that hotlines have been set up for parents and mechanchim of children as young as grade school age, as well as teenagers themselves, to call in and address a wide range of topics. B’ezras Hashem, these hotlines should be instrumental in helping many members of our community gain a place to air their thoughts and find solutions to their quandaries.”

Other Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonei Ha’Ir involved in this project include: Harav Shmuel Blech, Harav Boruch Ber Yoffe, Harav Yaakov Forcheimer, Harav Avrohom Spitzer, Skverer Dayan, Harav Osher Chaim Leiberman, Harav Portual, the Skulener Rab, Harav Henoch Shachar, Harav Yosef Zimbal, and Harav Menachem Mintz, among others.

The Hotline

The Regesh Network coordinates our crisis line call center. The service is a vital help line under the direction of the Mashgiach of BMG, Harav Yehuda Jacobs, Shlita. The call center is not just a phone line to lend a listening ear. Rather, it is a network committed to providing a range of help services.

The crisis line has helped countless teen girls, boys and their parents and mentors with an array of halachic, guidance and referral questions. Many callers are distraught and anxious about what steps to take next. Questions range from simple chinuch difficiulties, to a teen struggling with complex life questions. Our experienced therapists and staff give chinuch advice, professional guidance, refer teens to professional help or offer to take them in under Tekumah’s care for extended help.

The crisis line is equipped to provide guidance for:

  • Teen Girls
  • Teen Boys
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Mechanchim
  • Mechanchos
Our Staff

The Regesh Network crisis line, part of the Avnei Kodesh organization, is staffed by an experienced team of therapists, mechanchim/mechanchos, employees and volunteers dedicated to helping the community.

Our team consists of 5 experienced therapists and 10 staff members handling the calls. Each caller receives a warm reception and is directed to the staff member who can most appropriately address their concerns. To ensure a comfortable, helpful experience we have men and women staff members with a range of experience and knowledge.

We hand-picked our team and ensured our staff are role models with the ability to help others, according to Torah standards with professional guidance. Many of our staff members received training from the Lev L’Achim division which specializes in guiding children through healthy development. Lev L’Achim is the renowned social services organization in Eretz Yisroel.

To ensure our staff have the answers they need, we also have senior mechanchim, rabbanim and professionals on call to answer any questions which arise.

Due to popular request, we now have R’ Yehuda Jacobs answering calls once a week. While we often seek R’ Yehuda Jacobs’ guidance for complex questions, callers during this time can directly receive experienced guidance. The guidance is often critical for callers themselves and teens they are looking to help.

R’ Yehuda Jacobs is available: Wednesday evenings from 8:45-10 PM

Our Commitment

We’re committed to helping children and teens of all ages with guidance and support to continue to live a productive, Torah life. The Regesh Network continues to expand its services with a commitment to its community responsibility. This commitment establishes the chinuch responsibilities of both parents and schools to develop well-rounded chinuch in school and at home.

As the Mashgiach explains, “Because it is vitally critical that children are taken care of with a ‘whole person’ mentality, this is an area that could always use improvement and perfecting.”

The Regesh Network bridges the responsibility with community services.

If you have any concerns big or small, please reach out to us. We expertly handle all situations and are available to listen to your situation and do whatever we can do to help.

Community Responsibility

Regesh Network is a community responsibility. As the Mashigach says, “As with anything, time costs money, and unfortunately, money is mightily scarce. In order to continue our efforts to solve these issues and help the children of our community, we are asking more people to get involved and realize that we could really use your help.”

Get involved and help finance this community responsibility.

Do your part to ensure a Torah future.

Reach out through the crisis line

Call 1.855.5TEKUMAH or send us an email with your question to

All calls are confidential and anonymous.