Executive Board


R’ Dovid Schustal

During a conversation with R’ Yechiel Elbaz, R’ Dovid Schustal recognized the urgent need for a community organization of experienced mentors to help teens.

He urged R’ Yechiel Elbaz to get involved and help prevent further unfortunate incidences, well before they develop into serious issues.

R’ Schustal is contacted on a regular basis with complex matters and significant decisions.

Executive Director

R’ Yechiel Elbaz

R’ Yechiel Elbaz is the driving force behind the organization. With many years of experience mentoring teens, R’ Elbaz understands how to reach teens in the most effective way.

With direct connections to many community leaders and resource centers, R’ Yechiel does whatever it takes to provide the necessary help.

R’ Elbaz is directly involved in mentoring teens and providing the physical and emotional support they need.

Executive Advisor

R’ Yehuda Jacobs

Although his main occupation as Mashgiach of BMG fills up much of his time, R’ Yehuda Jacobs devotes countless hours a day to the work of Tekumah.

Almost every single decision is run by R’ Yehuda Jacobs and his advice is carefully weighed in each situation.

With the constant support of Daas Torah, our staff are confident they make the right decisions in sensitive and life-changing decisions.


Over the life of Tekumah several community mentors have become involved in our tremendous work. These mentors have years of experience dealing with troubled teens and possess a deep understanding of how to help them. The care and dedication of our advisors develops into a deep connection with each teen.

R’ Yitzchok Mitnick

R’ Yitzchok Mitnick, is one of the most successful teen mentors from the Brooklyn, NY area. As one of the founders of “Our Place”, R’ Yitzchok Mitnick has seen it all and knows how to communicate with teens on all levels.

Our teens relate to R’ Yitzchok Mitnick and view him not as an authority figure but as a friend.

Mrs. Devorah Melamed

One of Mrs. Devorah Melamed’s many jobs is running a vital organization, Merkaz Rochel, or Center Girls, for teenage girls in Lakewood, NJ. Founded in 2007, Center Girls is a recreational outlet for struggling girls.

In addition, Mrs. Melamed is heavily involved in Tekumah’s programs and has helped rebuild the lives of teens of all backgrounds and ages, under the guidance of R’ Yehuda Jacobs. A devoted mentor, Mrs. Melamed has dealt with countless teens in the most heart-wrenching situations. Mrs. Melamed is also a community liaison and is often called upon to intervene in unfortunate incidences or by the local law.


We employ a staff of experienced therapists, social workers and mentors. Our directors hand-picked the most experienced staff to provide mentoring, coordinate events, and answer the crisis line.

Tekumah matters are serious and we make sure to address them properly.


Daas Torah is a vital resource in today’s turbulent world. Tekumah was established by and continues to receive guidance from prominent Rabbonim.

R’ Yechiel Elbaz has R’ Yehuda Jacobs as his number one contact on speed dial. As soon as a matter comes up which requires guidance, he makes sure to ask the necessary leaders.