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Regesh is a free service non-for profit Organization, established over five years ago. We are a network of Mentor’s, life coaches, therapists, Rabbonim and other social professionals.

Our nucleus is a confidential crisis hotline, available to address a large spectrum of various crises which individuals are going through and are in need of help dealing with, open day and night hours.

To date, we’ve received calls from around the country seeking help and guidance, and Baruch Hashem have dealt with the situations with much success.

Our compassionate and skilled call-intakers, are directly linked with our team of trained hands-on Mentor’s, life coaches and therapists, to interact and jointly address the needs of the youth and adolescents, parents and students, religious and secular, who are in crisis and reaching out to us for help. Together we are a unified team of over 40 professional and experienced personnel working with devotion on the highest level of values.

Since August 2015, we have received over 25,000 calls ranging from families with an unmarried pregnant child, pornography/drug addictions, families completely dysfunctional, mental illnesses and various abuses, to complicated Hashkafa questions, children dropping out of Yeshivah and even abandoning their families and Jewish heritage. Many of these calls have been of our fellow community members from both Brooklyn and Deal, and unfortunately the needs of our community have only been growing larger, with our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, continuing to seek more and more wholesome and well-balanced guidance and support from around the world.

We need partners to help build the future.


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