Our Mission

Our mission is to help disenfranchised teens lead productive lives. This means providing mentoring and counseling services to help them deal with the cause of their instability. It also means providing a safe environment, or even a place to live. On a more serious level it means preventing suicide and overdose, or assisting with research and enrollment in rehab or detox programs.

Whatever it takes to save lives. One teen at a time.

Tekumah deals with Hatzolas Nefashos of the highest level – bailing teens from holding cells, enrollment in rehab programs, and situations you wouldn’t even imagine. Our teens are our future and we must do whatever it takes to build the next generation.

Our goal is to ultimately guide them back to a productive, Torah life and rebuild relationships with their families.

Our History

Tekumah was established by R’ Dovid Schustal, Rosh Yeshiva of BMG (Lakewood, NJ), and R’ Yechiel Elbaz, Tekumah’s Executive Director. After a serious conversation discussing the alarming number of troubled teens and recent fatal overdoses within the community, it was decided on the spot that an organization must be established to deal with the issues and hopefully prevent any further incidences. R’ Dovid Schustal continues to endorse and support the tremendous responsibility of Tekumah.

R’ Elbaz is the organization’s warrior available almost 24 hours a day for emergency situations and pressing matters. R’ Elbaz has personally worked with many teens looking for a guiding mentor to help them live the productive lives they dream of.

After recognizing how difficult Tekumah’s work is, R’ Yehuda Jacobs, Mashgiach of BMG, was brought onto the team to provide advice for serious matters which arise on a daily basis. R’ Jacobs spends countless hours of each day, and endless efforts devoted to Tekumah.


Tekumah provides services for boys, girls, and their families to help them rise from their pain and rebuild. Many of these teens have already left the Torah life. Many are just young teens entering into a life of crime and addiction. Our job is to reach out and reconstruct. We help them recognize how beautiful a Torah life can be. But more importantly, how fulfilling a productive life can be.

In addition, when a child is in pain so are the parents. Many parents are frustrated or don’t even know how to properly handle these situations. We provide guidance to parents seeking advice and assist with coordination of necessary services.

The organization currently helps teens from all over the tri-state area and beyond. We often coordinate with other organizations to make sure teens get the help they need.

Fiscal Responsibility

Tekumah’s leadership and board of directors place enormous emphasis on the responsibility of funding. We operate with minimal overhead and a calculated budget. Every donation is carefully reviewed to determine which program, teen, or service requires funding. The expenses are astronomical but the importance is tremendous. Each and every donated dollar is put towards rebuilding one more teen’s life.

We often receive discouraging feedback – “Couldn’t this situation have been prevented. Why do I need to help now?” But if you could save even one more life. Wouldn’t you?

Don’t give up on a teen, when they haven’t given up themselves. As long as they are battling, they need your support. We can’t turn anyone away. We can’t say “Sorry, there are no more funds.”

We appreciate your donation and take our responsibility very seriously.

we can’t do it without you.
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