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We deal with the most complicated and heart-wrenching issues of troubled teens. Our goal is to prevent suicide and overdose, one teen at a time.

Tekumah achieves this by providing counseling to deal with the sensitive stories of suffering teens and helping them rebuild their lives.

We also provide a sense of belonging and community on a day-to-day basis with events and programs.

Tekumah is endorsed by prominent Rabbonim and under the leadership of R’ Dovid Schustal, R’ Yehuda Jacobs, R’ Yechiel Elbaz and many other community leaders

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Our Mission

Letters From Roshei Yeshivos

It’s Our Mission to Reach Out

Our focus is to provide one-on-one counseling. By delving into the root of the cause we are able to help teens rebuild.

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Regesh Crisis Line

Our confidential crisis line, coordinated by The Regesh Network, is for teens and parents. Our experienced staff respond to emergency crises and refer for further help.

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We research the best facilities for each teen. Often, we are responsible to lay out thousands of dollars for rehab programs.

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Search for Truth

This program focuses on helping teens become better people, through group activities and positive support. With time, we guide them back to a Torah life.

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Tehillim Groups

This program is dedicated to saying Tehillim for our troubled teens. Callers recite Tehillim and then finish with a heartfelt Tefillah.

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We organize, Shabbatons, road trips, ski trips, and a summer program. Our programs form connections and show how enjoyable a Torah life can be.

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But we need your support
Partner in our crisis hotline.

Support covers hotline expenses and staff, including our experienced therapists.

The cost for one month of expenses can be $55,000.

Provide mentoring services.

Support covers counseling sessions and any necessary further intervention.

The cost for one set of sessions can be $20,000.

Enable them to rebuild their lives.

Support covers rehab enrollment and ongoing costs.

The cost for one teen’s recovery can be $130,000.

We’ll do whatever it takes.

Do you need help or know someone who does?
Reach out to us on our confidential crisis line 1.855.5TEKUMAH